• Every woman irrespective of race and culture has to undergo menstrual cycle once a month until menopause. During the menstrual cycle, all women suffer from various symptoms and pain. A healthy woman will have menses once in 28-30 days. However, many women suffer form irregular menses that cause various problems. You will not be able to give birth to a healthy child if you have problem in your menstrual cycle. Irregular problem with the menstrual cycle is often associated with hormones in the body. Many women prefer to take hormone medicines to regulate the menses cycle. Sometimes, this may lead to several other problems in the body. Apart from irregular periods, women may suffer from excessive or poor bleeding during their period. Menstrulax is an excellent herbal remedy for all menstrual problems.

    Menstrulax contains 100% motherwort extracts. This herb has been used in Chinese medicine for many years to cure women problems. This herb relaxes the smooth muscles and hence, it can be effectively used as a medicine to treat irregular periods. The studies show that when the extract of this herb is given during labor, possibilities of hemorrhage are reduced. This herb prevents the uterine infections and it acts as a uterine tonic. The ancient treatments used this herb as an effective medicine for menstrual and menopause problems.

    Many women suffer from anxiety and stress during their periods. This is very natural as there will be drastic changes with the hormone levels in the body. Motherwort contained in Menstrulax acts on nervous system and induces passivity. The working women face great problems in their workplace during their menses as they lose their temper very easily during their periods. By taking Menstrulax pills everyday you can stabilize the hormone levels in your body in a natural way and stay calm during your periods.

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  • Holistic alternative medicine offers so much more than conventional therapies for MS. It’s not hard to see why our traditional medical authorities are unable to heal a person with MS, since they can’t even figure out what causes it. Their only answer to this painful and debilitating disease is totally symptomatic in nature, which in many cases doesn’t even qualify for humane relief.

    It is a very sad state of affairs that conventional physicians receive no alternative medicine education. In fact they’re purposely taught to scoff and ridicule natural remedies, while innocent persons such as those with MS are left to suffer with no cure or even effective symptomatic relief. They’re are at least honest enough to admit that we shouldn’t expect a cure for MS anytime soon, from their pompous, modern medical monopolies.

    Fortunately holistic alternative medicine offers some very reliable remedies for MS that subdue the symptoms by eliminating the cause. Of course they may not have been tested to the satisfaction of the expensive all but unobtainable standards required from a government seduced by greedy pharmaceutical companies, but non the less they do get results. Besides they’re harmless at worst, and at best have been seen to produce amazing results for many victims of MS.

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  • As pet owners across the world are now ordering all kinds of pet medicine including ear medicine online, it becomes very important to choose the right online pet pharmacy. The most common ear problems in pets are caused by ear mites, however these are quite easy to diagnose as well as treat. The most serious one is the chronic ear infection that makes the pets feel low. If you wish to order online ear medicine then here are some tips to help you choose the best pharmacy, online:

    The most important consideration while buying pet ear medicine online is to check whether the online pharmacy has licensed pet pharmacists or not. This is to prevent dealing with companies that resell medications that they have bought from other stores. Without employing a licensed pet pharmacist, it would be impossible for them to offer all the required pet medications. So make sure to check that your online pet medicine vendor has the required pharmacists on duty, to serve your needs.

    Another important thing is the working hours of the online pharmacy. Generally these types of services are offered 24X7, but it is always better to check on this so that you have timely access to the licensed pharmacist whenever you need him. If you do not have easy access to a fax machine, it is advisable that you choose the online pharmacy that helps you directly consult your vet for prescription information. Last, but not the least, compare the shipping costs of different online pharmacies selling pet ear medicine. An online pharmacy may promise to give you medicines at a discounted rate but charge you heavily for shipping cost. You should always compare prices with the shipping cost included.

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  • Bnew Beauty and Body capsules are an herbal weight loss supplement formulated from herbs and all natural ingredients used in traditional chinese medicine.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM can be traced back as far as 500 BC. As its name implies, it is based on medical practices originating in China and is much accepted throughout most of the East Asian medical communities. The philosophical concept that the universe is made of an energy called qi, forms the basis of this eastern medicine. Qi can amount to any state of energy present, however, in TCM it represents the “life-force”. It is believed that the body represents a small universe in itself. Within this universe lies intricate subsystems and levels of energy that work together to maintain a healthy state of being in mind, body, and spirit. TCM is based on various schools of thought including Ying/Yang theory, influences from Taoism and Buddhism, and described in terms of the five elements – metal, water, wood, fire, and earth.

    Herbal medicine is one of the various treatments used in traditional chinese medicine. It is often used as an alternative to traditional western medicine where drugs are prescribe to help with illness, acne, and even weight loss. The all natural herbal approach is said to help you lose weight naturally, clear your skin, boost your energy levels, and help to restore the natural balance between body and mind.

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  • Items Needed:
    5-8 Cotton Balls
    — Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline
    — Used Medicine Bottle/Container or a film container or zip lock bag


    1. Rub/massage the Vaseline throughout the cotton ball, but dont over soak it so its too wet with Vaseline.

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