• There is nothing wrong with the usage of prescription medication or antacids as a way to fight against acid reflux. These methods are proven. However, for those who suffer from chronic and frequent acid reflux, such methods are not always the best choice for treatment. Sometimes, using acid reflux alternative medicine can be more beneficial to your overall health.

    This may sound strange, after all, why would alternative forms be better than prescriptions? Nonetheless, alternative medicine actually can be better than conventional medicine simply because they can eliminate some of the side-effects known to accompany other medications.

    Many antacids can shut down the body’s natural digestion processes, so some people turn to alternative acid reflux remedies to avoid these complications. Supplements like orange peel extract, fiber and green tea can help ease the symptoms without impacting on the body’s processing ability.

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  • Generally, there are two ways of treating Polycystic Kidney Disease. On one hand, cysts can be narrowed or removed by surgery which has instant effects, but the disappear of cysts will leave space for the growth of new cysts. On the other hand, with the advantage of safety, Chinese Medicine is applied in treating Polycystic Kidney Disease. Why Chinese Medicine is suggested? How does Chinese Medicine treat cysts?

    Treating Polycystic Kidney Disease by Micro-Chinese Medicine

    Due to oral medicines have side effects on most organs, such as stomach, liver, intestines and so on, Micro-Chinese medicine is invented as a external therapy. Patients only need lie on the two medicine bags for 45 minutes, then can they enjoy the massage of medicines on the kidney position. Comparing with surgery, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy does not need cut, anesthsia and some oral medicines.

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  • Some tumour has an aggressive clinical course, with a high tendency for both local recurrence and distant metastasis. Relapse and metastasis are the main causes responsible for failure of surgical operation in treating malignant tumors. Inhibition of tumor recurrence and metastasis is a very important thing during cancer treatment. Hence harmonizing the dynamic balance between yin and yang and maintaining the homeostasis of internal environment is the vital treatment principle of tumor. This made TCM Oncology become an indispensable role in the system of cancer prevention and treatment.

    Cancer, the medical term that cancer, in medicine, said rock, ground control mechanism of cell growth and proliferation disorders and diseases. Chinese medicine believes that the formation of tumors is the first loss righteousness, put together by the evil, caused by a series of diseases. Local recurrences and distant metastases develop in patients with early stage NSCLC ( Non-small Cell Lung Cancer) after surgery. Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that the human body is an organic whole. Internal organs and external body surface, limbs, facial features are the same overall. On the one hand to directly kill cancer cells, On the other hand to rebuild their anti-cancer immune system, control of recurrence and metastasis. Cancer Treatment and improve the bodys immune system is at the same time.

    First, the use of Chinese medicine to control and conditioning during the tumor treatment. Killi tumor cells by take Chinese medicines and Western medicine to Control progression of the disease, to improve their physique for surgery.

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  • Today’s medicine cabinets are more than just a place to store your toiletries and incidentals; they are fashionable, stylish additions to any modern bathroom. Medicines cabinets now come in stand-alone, and under-sink models, as well as the traditional hanging, over-the-sink models. Choose from a wide variety of materials like polished wood, copper and brass, in single-door or two-door models. There are also several options for decorative mirrors and built-in lighting. At QualityBath.com, we have a style of medicine cabinet that will fit any bathroom dcor.

    QualityBath.com has a vast array of medicine cabinets from several companies that specialize in high-end bathroom products. Choose from trusted brands such as: Afina, Ambella, Barclay, Century, Cole and Company, DVontz, Empire, Fairmont, Forms and Fixtures, Italbrass, Lacava, Lefroy, Porcher, Robern, Ronbow, Sonia, Strasser, Urban Archaeology, Vanico, Villeroy, Ware, Whitehaus and WS Bath. No matter what kind of medicine cabinet you need, you’re sure to find it at Qualitybath.com.

    Choose from a variety of single-door or double-door medicine cabinets, or go for a stand-alone model that fits beautifully into the corner of the bathroom, or a drawer medicine cabinet for under a counter or sink. The large Woodenwork models from Strasser feature deep storage, three decorative mirrors and elegant overhead lighting all framed in fine, polished wood. For a minimalist look, consider the Aeri Mirror and Shelves from Whithaus. This simple medicine cabinet has a single mirror bordered with chrome shelving for a futuristic look.

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  • To understand why medications cost so much you must first understand the process involved to get a medication on the market.

    When you see a new medication being advertised on a television commercial you have to know that there is really nothing “new” about it. On average most medications take an average of 10 to 13 years to go from initial development to the drug store shelves.

    Once a new chemical is developed by a pharmaceutical manufacturer it then has to register a patent to protect it. The patent is good for 20 years from that point. The developer then has to submit applications to the FDA to recognize the new chemical. Next is setting up clinical trials. This where this new chemical is tested to determine it’s safety and effectiveness. Once that is verified the chemical is given to selected patients who have agreed to participate in the study. There are several phases to these studies. If all of these phases are successfully completed the FDA then votes to approve the new medication. If approved the drug company will then begin a heavy marketing campaign to promote their new medication.

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